Endowment Fund
The Endowment Fund was created to provide members and friends of Paw Paw United Methodist Church the opportunity to make a variety of gifts to the Church, with the knowledge that these gifts will be used as designated and in harmony with Church goals.
All gifts received for the Endowment Fund are intended to be invested, with only the income from the investment being available for church use.  It is further intended that this fund be maintained as a permanent investment.  It is not to be used for ordinary operating expenses or as a means of relieving members from their obligation to supply the regular annual funds required by the Church.
The Fund works in concert with the Memorials Committee by providing an additional memorial choice.  The Fund is available for gifts of a larger, more permanent nature, to be invested and used for the Church in enduring and lasting ways.
Gifts can be made in the following ways:
  • Outright Gifts – gifts of cash, personal properties, securities or real estate.
  • Annuities and Life Insurance – the Endowment Fund can be made the beneficiary (or contingent beneficiary) of an annuity or life insurance policy taken out on the life of any donor.
  • Memorials – the Endowment Fund can be considered as the memorial choice if a loved one dies.
  • Living Trusts – gifts can be made in trusts to the Endowment Fund to be paid after the death of a named beneficiary.  The income from a trust is usually paid to a named beneficiary during their lifetime, with the property being used for the benefit of the Church. The Paw Paw United Methodist Church Endowment Fund would be named as contingent beneficiary.
  • Gifts by Will – contributions can be made through your will.  You can designate a percentage, specific amount, or the remainder of your estate to the Endowment Fund.
Benefits of giving to the Endowment Fund include:
  • Ensuring that your gift to Paw Paw United Methodist Church will be used for something special for the Church, instead of ordinary operating expenses.
  • A sense of permanence ensures that your gift to the Church today will still be around tomorrow for investment and appreciation by others.
  • A gift to the Fund may be one way you can be sure that you will always be a lasting part of the Church.
  • Your gift is a gift that lasts forever and may also provide you with very significant tax advantages.